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Artist's Welcome Message

My art is deeply influenced by the spectrum of human emotions: sadness, joy, anguish, and serenity. The works I create are concrete representations of these feelings, which I believe are not easily encountered outside the realms of fantasy. For me, painting is akin to such an otherworldly experience—it's comparable to the sensation of wearing new clothes or the joy of listening to beautiful music. I am in love with beauty and the profound sense of fulfillment it brings. My passion for painting is ceaseless, driven by my conviction that love is the force that inspires poets to write and artists to create; indeed, it is love that compels humanity to make its mark on history.

Latest Exhibitions


“Swalef” Art Exhibition – Opera – Hanager – Cairo 

18 Dec.

Qatar National Day – Qatar


“Qatari Fine Art” Exhibition, By Qatar Artist – At Katara


”I Have Stories” Exhibition at Al Housh Gallery – Doha, Qatar


“Reflections” Exhibition at Al Markhiya Gallery – Doha, Qatar


Arab Meeting Exhibition at Qatar Fine Arts Association, Katara – Doha, Qatar

Each piece selected here represents a pinnacle moment, a burst of inspiration, or a deep personal revelation. These featured works are a gateway to understanding the breadth and depth of my artistic exploration.

Awards & Recognitions

Eng. Wafika Sultan has been recognized with numerous prestigious awards, including the distinguished ‘Woman of the Year’ in Qatar.
This accolade, along with many others, highlights her extraordinary contributions to the field and her enduring impact on the artistic community.

In The Media

Eng. Wafika Sultan has been featured in various local and international media outlets. Browse through articles, interviews, and media mentions that shed light on her artistic journey and the impact of her work.


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